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Responsible Computing

Responsible Computing

Responsibility, Accountability, Professionalism, Integrity,
Diversity and Inclusivity.

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RAPID Project

The RAPID is an acronym that stands for Responsibility, Accountability, Professionalism , Integrity,  Diversity and Inclusivity. The main aim of this project is to integrate these 5 pillars in the BSc. Computer Science curriculum in order to produce responsible and ethical computer scientists.

Meet Our Student


Our early-stage campus involvement in this project means we get to grasp the
comprehensive realm of technology ethics and what it involves. Additionally, we will learn ethical …


During my early engagement with this project, I gained valuable insights into the
realm of technology ethics, specifically within the domains of banking and academia.


The learning experience was enriched by the supportive and joyful lecturers who
made the educational journey enjoyable.

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